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Using Data as a Catalyst to Increase Arts Education across the Nation.


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Using Data to Increase Participation in Arts Education Since 2004

The Arts Education Data Project is rooted in data reporting efforts dating back to the 1990’s. The year 2004 saw the first release of a statewide report using state department of education data. Today the Arts Education Data Project is currently working in 21 states to increase arts participation with the goal of providing arts education data to empower citizens in all 50 states.

Creating Knowledge

Data is transformed to create knowledge about the status of arts education.

Empowering Citizens

Policymakers and citizens use data to craft strategies to address gaps.

Increasing Participation

Focused attention leads to improved access and participation in arts education.

Sparking a National Movement

What started out as a single state project has now morphed into a national movement to document access and participation in every state.

Pioneering Leader for Arts Education Data for more than a Decade 

The Arts Education Data Project has been working for more than a decade to create the proper conditions for arts education data reporting and presentation. Now the project is national.


of All States


Students Represented

What State Partners Are Saying

“The California Arts Education Data Project has done more to change the substance of arts education advocacy in California than anything else I have witnessed. It has established the shared recognition that the evidence of the current system is accessible and that becomes the basis of the conversation around equity, quality, and access.”

Joe Landon

California Alliance for Arts Education

“In North Carolina, the arts education data project has increased funding for programming state-wide.  Conversations of change in arts education have started across NC.”

Jeremy Tucker

North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

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Our Partners

The Arts Education Data Project relays on dozens of organizations to make this work possible:

  • Funders
  • State Departments of Education 
  • State Arts Education Professional Associations and Advocacy Groups
  • National Supporters

Project Team Leadership

While the Arts Education Data Project is a collaborative effort amongst hundreds of people in dozens of organizations from across the country – the project leadership team coordinates activities across state projects.

Robert B. Morrison

Robert B. Morrison

Project Director

Julie Palkowski

Julie Palkowski

SEADAE Director

Patrick McCormick

Patrick McCormick

Chief Data Officer

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